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XV Ratchet & Amplifier; Clank, Godzilla, Resident Evil 3 or Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 4. Fans of the Resident Evils series remember all these games from childhood and fell in love from the first minutes of the game, and Dishonored fans cannot imagine life without it. Thanks to such free offers, Midway plans to unleash a wave of freebies on European gaming counters.
In Russia, projects such as Street Fighter IV and SoulCalibur V are distributed, which were released for sale in mid-2010. But there are other equally popular games that can be purchased completely free of charge. For example, the game torrent tracker, which is by far the largest and most convenient torrent portal for games, dividing games into paid and free ones.
Midway is known for its games, which are not only hugely popular, but also high-quality equipment and systems. The plans of this company for Russia in the field of the virtual world are brought to life by the video casual game The Evil Within.
It is worth noting that on the GOG website, free or simply very expensive games are published in the DLC section in the "DLC Games" category. For example, in 2011, a free and very rare game The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim appeared in this section. Especially for fans of the series, and for those who want to feel the atmosphere of past generations, Mid Way will release a game edition of The Eternal Innocence, as well as DLC for the game.
Of course, such an initiative cannot but please the players, and Soulcalibur fans, as always, only care about one thing, so that the event happens faster than they finish the repair.
After the launch of Battlefield 4, despite the fact that this game belongs to a new generation of engines, it was impossible not to use many of them.
Battlefield 3: Infinite Warfare is the long-awaited sequel to the long-awaited legendary military commando game series. The game looks great, the graphics practically do not need any adjustments, the atmosphere of the game is fully conveyed. The developers of Battlefield decided not to change the graphics and make only cosmetic changes.
As for the gameplay itself, it is now radically different from Battlefield 2. The developers have created a new engine that really turned out to be good - this is CryEngine. After choosing a weapon and a place to fight f02ee7bd2b